I have received so much… I want to give back…

For a limited time: Receive a free uniform with your one week free classes!

For a limited time, to celebrate my World Championship, I am giving away a free uniform when you take advantage of our one week’s free classes!

This is a $50 value free to you as my celebration gift! I want you to be alive, confident and empowered. The uniform is yours to keep after your week with us.

You are not living your best life when you feel intimidated, insecure and useless.

This is a limited time offer. To celebrate my World Champion status, I want to give back to our community. I will offer it as long as I can. Don’t miss out.

How to get started:

  1. Your first week is free. No risk! BMA is a studio for every body type and ability level.


    We offer multiple options for children, teens and adults. Take as many classes as you want for a week. Get to know our instructors and community to get the full BMA experience.


    Become a BMA member, dig into your training and start your transformation. We’ve got your back every step of the way.

IT TAKES COURAGE TO GET STARTED, I KNOW! So many others are doing it, YOU CAN TOO!