Who We Are at Bautista's Martial Arts

Kevin Bautista, Chief Instructor, Owner of Bautista Martial Arts
“Without any guidance or self-control, I once lived an undisciplined life. I well remember the feelings of powerlessness and uselessness. But through martial arts, I learned who I was meant to be. Now the joy of my life is is helping others become alive, confident and powerful.”
- Kevin Bautista
Owner, Chief Instructor


Tonya Solorio

"I always dreamed of being a martial artist but was never able to take classes as a child. There was no Taekwondo school in our town. Finally had a chance to step on the mat. I was really nervous. At 43 yrs old I thought I was too old to start. Here I am 6 1/2 yrs later getting ready for 3rd degree."

Claude Hyman

I'm a 2nd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and I also have a blackbelt in Tac Krav Maga..In my strive martial arts has made an amazing impact on my life.. My passion is to get better and my goal is to help others become better versions of themselves.