Bautista Martial Arts students excel

Moultrie Observer, Sep 5, 2019

This past weekend, 12 Bautista’s Martial Arts students competed in the 2019 Battle on the Beach Tournament, in Panama City Beach, Florida. The tournament is held annually and is sanctioned by the American Taekwondo Association.  Students competed in Sparring, Combat Sparring, Forms, and Weapons.

Earning first place honors were:

• Jack Nieman, sparring and combat sparring, 8 and under boys color belts.

• Andrew Eubanks, sparring, forms, and combat sparring in 13-14 boys color belts.

• Ben Nieman, Forms in 40-49 men color belts

• Alexus Cravey, Sparring in 15-17 girls color belts

• Payton Roberts, Weapons, in 9-10 color belts

• Zachary Nowland, Combat Sparring in 11-12 boys color belts

• Kenlee Hannon, Sparring in 9-10 year old girls color belts.

• Kevin Bautista, Forms and Combat sparring in 30-39 2nd and 3rd Degree

Second place:

• Jack Nieman, Forms in 8 and under boys color belts

• Savannah Yates, combat sparring and sparring 9-10 girls color belts

• John Moses combat sparring in 9-10 boys color belts

• Ben Nieman Combat sparring in 40-49 color belts

• Alexus Cravey combat sparring in 15-17 girls color belts

• Payton Roberts sparring in 9-10 girls color belts

• Zachary Nowland forms in 11-12 boys color belts

Third place:

• Ben Nieman combat sparring in 40-49 men color belts


• TJ Sullivan, 9-10 boys color belts

• Landon Wiggins, 15-17 boys color belts

• Kennedy Roberts, 8 and under girls color belts.


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TITLE: Owner, Instructor

Company: Bautista’s Martial Arts


ADDRESS:  941 E. Central Ave, Moultrie, Ga

PHONE:  229-890-2799


Bautista’s Martial Arts brought home many wins at the Taekwondo Championships at the Lakepoint Sports Complex, Emerson, Georgia, August 3rd.  

Braiden Terrell took top honors winning first place in the 9-10 year old boys division combat sparring.  Arbashaun Curry won first place in the 11-12 year old boys division sparring.  Conner Adderton won first place, combat sparring in the 13-14 year old boys division.  In the girls 13-14 year old sparring division, Alexis Cravey won first place.  Also taking first place in the 30-39 year old men’s division was Kevin Bautista.

Taking second place honors, Peyton Roberts took second place in the 9-10 year old girls division.  In the 11-12 year old boys division, Arbashaun Curry won second in combat and Issac Adderton in sparring.  Claude Hyman also won second place in sparring, 40-49 year old mens division.

Winning third place was Lyla Demott-Skeen in the 9-10 year old girls division.  Also winning third place honors were Isaac Adderton in combat sparring and Arbashaun Curry forms, 11-12 year old boys division.  Alexis Cravey won third in combat sparring, 13-14 year old girls division.  

 Also competing at the tournament were  Dayanara Contreras, Dominic Bautista, Kenlee Hannon, Max Torres, T.J. Sullivan and Zachary Nowland.

2019.07.27 Bautista takes top honors at ATA World Championships

Moultrie Observer

2019.07.14 World Champion!

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CONTACT:  Kevin Bautista

TITLE:  Owner, instructer

COMPANY: Bautista’s Martial Arts


ADDRESS:  941 E. Central Ave, Moultrie, Ga

PHONE:  229-890-2799



Moultrie Instructor Wins Top Honors

July 14, 2019, Little Rock, Arkansas.  In an exciting climax to a multi-year effort, Kevin Bautista took top honors in the Combat Sparring division competition at the American Taekwondo Association’s 2019 World Championships.  Bautista competed against forty other competitors in the division, to win.

Bautista has been training for years.  Last year he was eliminated in his first trial.  This year, he remained undefeated to win World Champion status. 

He is owner and chief instructor at Bautista’s Martial Arts in Moultrie, Georgia.  He began his journey into martial arts as an angry teenager.  “I was un-disciplined, angry, insecure and felt useless.  But, martial arts made me feel alive, confident and empowered.  As I learned the structure, discipline and respect of martial arts, I was transformed.  Now, my passion is to give that away to kids and adults.”  

“I knew all along he was a champion,” his wife Palisa says.  Also competing at the ATA event were Bautista’s students, Wesley Montgomery who placed first in sparring, Conner Adderton who placed 3rd in sparring, and Ben Nieman, Ryan Smith and Savannah Yates.

Bautista opened his martial arts gym and began accepting students in 2017.  Since then, hundreds of kids have experienced his passion.